Ingrid Sarrat

My coaching experience is based mostly on formal training, through:

  • B.A. Psycholgy and Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • M.S. Educational Administration, University of Pennsylvania
  • Certified Life Coach, Hudson Institute
  • Certified MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) Administrator
  • Certified Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network Instructor And Assessor

In addition to the formal education and training that I have experienced, most of all, I have been there and done that!  I have moved 15 times, been married 40 years, had many significant challenges and transitions in my life and held many leadership positions that have both enthralled me and caused a lot of stress and anxiety.    I have also been a chronic caregiver; devoted to my family, my friends and colleagues, with little regard for my own well-being.  So, I get it! My specialty is in facilitating an individual’s progress to a self-empowered state, in which they experience living life at their full potential.   I am dedicated to your future, to understanding what YOU want, defining YOUR life’s vision, YOUR goals and building the action plans to reach those goals and we do it all we the positive outlook, much humor and laughter and explore the possibilities before us.  We don’t forget about others, we just make sure that your own thoughts, feelings and motives are part of the total picture.