What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is About Change…

A  life coach guides a client through a process of self-discovery whereby the client gains a substantially better understanding of his wants and needs, his goals and how to attain them. He helps the client define a vision of his future, which is a source of inspiration, motivation and empowerment that leads to the fulfillment of his hopes and aspirations.

A life coach does not direct, give advice or fix a problem. Instead, a coach helps identify what you want to change and how to bring about that change. The client is the director of this process.

How is life coaching different from counseling and psychotherapy? Counseling and psychotherapy deal with mental health while coaching focuses on personal and/or business development.

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Ingrid’s Approach

My Life Coaching process begins with a free exploratory session.  Once we have determined that we can work together, you will be given an in-take form to complete that collects information on your background, work and life experiences,  present circumstances, your dreams and aspirations, strengths and above all, what empowers you to open up to possibilities and opportunities.

Then, at the first session, we review that questionnaire, and identify, explore and prioritize the most important issues.   Once that is done, subsequent sessions are all about setting goals and objectives, mapping out a route for getting there and agreeing on a “coaching contract”.  This contract involves 6-8 sessions, and follows a specific plan of action for us to work on as a team and help you to realize your stated outcomes.

While involved in the life coaching sessions, the client will most likely be given “homework” to do in between our actual interactions, to add accountability and commitment to the process.  The client also will be given resources such as recommendations for books, videos, CD’s, participate in some hands-on activities, etc. to enhance their transformative experience.

On my part, listening is a key skill that I will concentrate on.  Also, I want to ensure the client to feels  that everything is important he/she is truly heard.  In addition, we create together an atmosphere of safety, trust and total confidentiality.

At the end of the initial set of sessions, we will review and evaluate our experience, and make consequent decisions  on whether to continue, to amend or to decide that your goals have been accomplished  and no further sessions are needed.