Hi, I’m Ingrid Sarrat and I would like to welcome you to My Coaching Circle! I call my practice a circle because that image brings to my mind a vision of teamwork, collaboration and mutual support. And that is what my coaching methodology is all about! My life coaching practice specializes in two main areas:

1) BABY BOOMER WOMEN Helping Baby Boomer women to utilize their life experiences in determining what’s next for them in this 3rd stage of their lives. Whether these women have had busy careers or been stay-at-home moms, “home executives”, active volunteers, supporters of their families and caregivers for everyone else, they are now due for some time to concentrate on themselves and re-discover who they are.

2) CAREGIVERS Sharing the tools and techniques that are key to making the shift from being a selfless caregiver and constant “people pleaser” to paying attention to your own health and well being. Who are the caregivers in the world? Many are professional caregivers, while others are family members. What do they all have in common? They take care of everyone and everything else, but not themselves. And then what happens? They can get sick, overwhelmed, stressed and unable to cope. And then, they can’t take of anybody. That gets expensive – for everyone involved! I show you that having “Compassion” does not mean “Self’Sacrifice”. There are numerous possibilities ahead for making this transition from “other” to self” and to avoid the pitalls. That’s why I am called a “Possibilities Agent”. Look below for the many services & tools that are available to my clients.