Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (hereafter referred to as the MBTI) is widely considered to be the most reliable instrument for measuring your natural preferences, motivations and potential areas for growth, based on Carl Jung’s theories of psychological types.  It was through Isabel Myers-Briggs and her daughter, Katherine Myers, that this assessment tool was created and developed.

As described on the CPP website, the official provider of the MBTI, its certified trainers offer the “Insight and Support in One Place.” services.

“Much more than just a product, the Myers-Briggs® (MBTI) assessment is a powerfully versatile services solution that has helped millions of people around the world better understand themselves and how they interact with others.

It has also helped organizations of all sizes address their needs, from team building, leadership and coaching, and conflict management to career development and retention.

You can improve the performance of your people, teams, and organization with the world’s most trusted personality assessment and associated services.”

Eight factors, called type preferences, are measured: Extrovert/Introvert; Sensing/Intuition; Thinking/Feeling and Judging/Perceiving.


Individuals can use the MBTI On-Line form.  This process takes approximately 45 minutes and should be done in a relaxed, quiet manner.  Once completed, this assessment is professionally scored, and the results are sent to each individual electronically.

A subsequent review session with each individual is then scheduled with Ingrid Sarrat, who is a certified practitioner of the MBTI. This process can be done by teleconferencing through Skype, in person or by phone.  About 1 to 1 1/2 hours should be scheduled.   During this time, the results of the assessment will be discussed, and each of the 8 type preferences will be reviewed.  Confirmation that the results of the assessment are accurate will be a key objective of this session, as well as how this information can be used both personally and professionally. Each individual is the final judge….

Subsequent sessions can be held to further investigate the many “sub levels” of the MBTI, revealing the more subtle environmental factors, behaviors and circumstances that may affect one’s natural tendencies.

In an organization, upon completion of this preliminary process, subsequent group  and team workshops can be held to facilitate the process of understanding  group dynamics, leadership styles and working together in a constructive, less stressful, meaningful and positive way.  Such totally customized workshops include presentations and hands-on activities designed to illustrate to participants their uniqueness and at the same time, their connectedness.


In understanding oneself and how one feels, thinks and behaves on an individual basis, one is able to better understand others and subsequently work more effectively with them.

Developing insights into types of human behavior helps tremendously in navigating through those complicated situations and challenges that arise including ethical questions, stress management and cost effectiveness.  Providing more effective ways of communicating with one another can bring about positive results such as improved listening skills, better understanding of each other’s similarities and differences and learning to work with those in various situations.  It has been shown repeatedly (statistics presented upon request) that such factors as morale, happiness, motivation and a common sense of purpose together produce a more productive and functional organization.


To find out more about these MBTI offerings, you can request a presentation to your group or organization…


The Return on Investment (ROI) of the MBTI process is quite high.  Through CPP, the official provider of the MBTI, the team of Wagner and Weigand’s ROI analysis includes the following five steps:

Determining behavioral changes that will result from training

Determining organizational results that might be improved

Examining how changes affect revenue and costs

Identifying data to support revenue and cost estimates

Linking behavioral changes to results being measured

Once the MBTI individual and team workshops have been completed this ROI process can be initiated.

The MBTI  package is highly customized and so, prices are discussed on an individual basis and therefore supplied upon request