“Ingrid has had a profound effect on my life.
I went from immobilizing resistance to a continued sense of flow.
Her ability & insights to help me recognize my triggers, and create tools to deal with them in a positive slant, literally has changed my life.
Now, when resistance pops up, I am able to quite easily move through it and get on with it. No more being mad at myself, what a gift!.
Thank you, Ingrid – for your genuine caring, patience and wisdom.” Monica



1.That I have answers to my own questions
2.To take better care of myself by becoming aware of my needs (sleep / yoga / saying no / eating well)
3.How to ask for reciprocity and help rather than always being the giver
4.How to incorporate fun and pleasure into my everyday
5.How to free-load the weekend by doing most of my chores during the week
6.To understand and value that my wonderful daughter is different from me 🙂
7.How to use “I” statements
8.To value, appreciate, and receive the support of others
9.That having a loose structure (not too much or too little) with my kids is a good thing
10. That having specific daily anchors (exercise, reading/writing, grooming, order in my environment) helps keep me calm, centered, and confident throughout the day.



“I hired Ingrid as our guest speaker for our monthly webinar series. Ingrid tailored her expertise in emotional intelligence to provide valuable and actionable takeaways to our audience – those who are considering a career transition from traditional W-2 employment to independent consulting- as a part of our MBO Partners webinar series. We were very pleased with her professionalism, expertise, and performance during the event. I would highly recommend her to any company looking for a great public speaker.”
Jaimie M.

“Ingrid is one of the most intelligent, encouraging and indeed inspiring people I know. Her background in teaching and non-profit work has been of the highest caliber.  She is a natural leader, both of her own continual evolution, and that of others. There is a quality about her that encourages and strengthens others, while offering practical advice based on what really works in the world.  She gives courage and strength to others.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

“Ingrid, if I was to visualize what a sage or wise one would look like and act like, it would be you. You are steady as a rock, spirit as gentle as a baby, joy for life that shines through your eyes, and a smile that keeps on giving. You are a great coach and bring so much clarity to those you meet. I am learning a lot from you and looking forward to seeing the impact of your work with Baby Boomer Women.”


“And so our work together continues.  Although still early in the process…peeling back the onion…one layer at a time is just what I feel we have been doing in our sessions.  Your support, patience and encouragement offer me a safe place to explore those layers that have bound me for so much of my life.  I’m learning to be gentler with myself as you guide me through the unlearning and dismantling of old beliefs and begin to take steps in very new directions.  It’s not always and easy process and not a quick one, but it sure has reminded me that life and all about it is a process and it is about the journey!”


When I first started my sessions with Ingrid, I felt like a lump stuck in a rut, unable to move.  My husband had died a year and a half before.  I retired from my job, sold the house we shared and where my children grew up, and moved across country to be nearer my daughter who had been on her own, away from the family for 12 years.  I had no friends and was very lonely.  I had no idea who I was as a single person, without a profession, in this new place.  Ingrid coached me through the process of finding my “place” in the community and with my daughter—and most importantly, finding myself.  She helped me explore who I am and who I wanted to be.  When I was stuck (which was often), she helped me find the resources and tools to pry myself out of that rut.  She helped me identify self-defeating patterns and ways to handle them differently.  She helped me see the positives in events in my life and progress I was making—essential pieces to my moving forward.
I feel like a new woman—not re-invented, but finally “found”.  I know much better who I am and have the self-confidence I so badly needed.  I am ready to face whatever is along the path of the rest of my journey.  I’m no longer in a rut.  I’m a wheel moving right along on top of this incredible journey.  I would not be out of my rut and flourishing in this place without Ingrid’s patience, gentle prodding, encouragement, and support!


…this workshop was so very helpful that I wished I’d taken it years – maybe even decades – ago.  Ingrid is compassionate and patient and runs the class with a gentle, democratic flourish”.


I am very grateful for your kind words of encouragement and guidance through my journey and especially through my “storms”. I feel much stronger about moving forward now that I’ve got the wheels in motion . Everything seems to be going in the direction that I’ve visioned for myself and it feels great!

Thanks for all your support     A.

Ingrid is a life-saver! When we first met I felt really lost when it came to which career to pursue and which direction to go, but within a few sessions, I had made my decision, acted on it and accomplished what I was hoping for! I feel like I have always had the drive and my main obstacle was me. Ingrid helped me overcome that by holding me accountable, presenting me with assignments to work on between the sessions, as well as offering constant and open communication. She was crucial in helping me achieve my goals in way less time than I’d ever imagined. Thank you Ingrid for your kindness, patience, beautiful heart and serene guidance.


“Ingrid’s positive attitude and upbeat personality always made each session enjoyable.  I appreciated all of her help and wish her the best!”